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                   Welcome To Gasconade River Lemon Beagles
My Grandpa Sands  was know for having some of the best Beagles in this part of Missouri.  People came from everywhere to buy the pups he raised. Every Saturday & Sunday from the time  I was 9 or 10, I was with Grandpa Rabbit Hunting.  My father was a superviser for Formost Dairy and when the drivers would come in off their daily routes, they would put their stale products on the dock for the Pig Farmers to pick up.  There was  a good looking Lemon Beagle that came to the dairy everyday and was getting into the stale cottage cheese and milk and making a mess of the place.  One night Dad stopped the mess by bringing that Beagle home.  That  weekend my Grandpa and I tried out the Dairy Dog. He ran  Rabbits all day with Grandpa's Other Dogs and I fell in love with my first dog. I  was really proud of him and we used him for about 3 months when a guy came by the dairy one day looking for his Lemon Beagle he lost. Dad told him what happened and told him I claimed the Dog  and had been hunting  him, and would he be interested in selling him to us?  He wouldn't sell him  and the next  day I lost my Lemon Beagle and my Heart. 
So every since that day, I have had a Special Place In My Heart For Lemon Beagles.  I have always had Blanket Back Beagles for years,  but  a few years ago when they became to old to hunt,   we decided to  start building up our Beagle Bloodlines  with the best Lemon Beagles  we  could find. My Son got to Competition Hunting them  and now I'm proud to say we Have Hunting Beagle Champion ( Carbon Copy ) In Our Kennels.  Carbon is out one of the Top Lemon Beagles in The World, ( Ramblin Crook. ) Crook Won 2nd in the 2008 World Hunt. 4th in the Eliminator That  Year, and 2nd Again at the Eliminator in 2009. The Eliminator is Problably the Largest Competition Hunt in The World.  We bought Several Lemon Females out of Ramblin Crook and we are Line Breeding them back to Carbon Coby. They should be Fabulous Dogs !!!!
A Picture Of Carbon Copy And My Son Jan 16, 2012

Below Pictured Is A Litter Of Carbon Copy & Pretty Crook Pups
And We Will Be Taking Pictures Of Each One Soon And Putting Them Online.  If Your Interested In a Great Looking And Great Bloodline Beagle, Here Is  Your Chance To Own One. They Will Be $399 And There Is 4 Males and 2 Females. Give Us A Call !  Thanks
The Pups  Will Be  4 Weeks Old This Week  And Are Eatting Puppy Chow So The Will Be Ready To Pk-Up In About 2 Weeks.

Female-No Collar
Male-Blue Collar
Male-Red Collar
Male-Black Collar
Male-No Collar
First Pick Litter Males-  Rachel Smith, MO.  Pd In Full
First Pick Litter Female- Bill Ufford, KS

Male- Jim Engelbrecht, Mo. Pd In Full
Male- Andy Helms,  Mo.  Pd In Full
Male- Dan Coleman, Mo. Pd In Full
Female- Kept This One  Ourselves